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Established in 2003, Goutama Weights & Testing Pte Ltd has successfully expended through south East Asian. The development has enabled us to provide a time efficient and comprehensive package to resolve the concerns of our clients. Our specialization covers multiple areas of operation and strategic planning which included services such as:

  • Load testing services
  • Non-destructive inspection services
  • Mobilization of offshore equipment planning and consultation
  • Oversize Transportation
  • Crane and lifting support services
  • Rigging gear inspection/recertification
  • Sales/rental of measuring instruments
  • Sales/rental of water weights
  • Sales/rental of inspection instrumental products
  • Sales of rigging gear

With the dedication of our knowledgeable representatives, we will provide optimum care and concerns in every project that we anticipate. The objective of this approach is to protect our clients from emerging areas of risk.



We believe that the end results of a solution provided greatly, depends on the quality of service it delivers professional expertise, involve in its operations.

We have a vision to provide a solution that will be able to satisfy our customers with assurance and constant fulfillment in areas of Load testing, Inspection and certification.

With our constant innovation in areas of technological advancement and management commitment we plan to integrate our systems to make information accessible for customers’ engagement.

Our synchronized approach in testing and inspection enables us to develop a comprehensive solution globally to companies that required quality process of load testing, inspection and certification.

With our constant innovation and steady growth on many relatable aspects, we are gradually evolving into a one stop load test solution company. Not only enhancing and developing our human resources, we are also providing wide range of supporting equipment to advance our approach.